Our Story
We are gurus, we believe in learning and able to apply the knowledge in everyday life. With that in mind, learning and practicing, we are able to share knowledge to others. Therefore, guru is our model, which is to learn and to teach. With this belief, we educate our clients full capacity of what they have in their hands, and this will change their lives.
In 2012 guru® started its first business from quality service, which it sees lack in many other businesses in Laos. The key is to understand the needs of clients, and satisfy those needs with care. With this practice, guru® has gained trust and excellent feedback from its clients, so it continues to expand vertically and horizontally. Today guru® Company Limited has flourished into several businesses with great future.
Since guru® established in 2012 until now, guru® has become “guru group”, which consist of three businesses: guru® Shop, guru® Cafe, and guru® Advertising. We are expert with electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers, etc. We started a trendy modern coffee shop, which attracts young future leaders our fast growing society. And finally, guru®'s creativity and servicing mind, guru® Advertising is born. We've gathered young professionals and experienced minds to work together in able to create strategic marketing; we are constantly updated to new technology, and we do not hesitate to use it to grow.
Our goal is to be able to bring the best out of what we have and use it for advantages. With new technology arising everyday, guru® will stay ahead, learn; and together with its client, will use that technology to bring dreams to reality. We believe dreams can be achieve, and we are here to persue that dream with you every step.