guru® Advertising Company Limited is the latest addition to guru® business group, which deals directly with marketing work as well as market strategy consultation. The foundation is built by young creative individuals that we handpicked to join our team; each team member is talented and skilled with different background; for example web, 2D, 3D, billboard, LED screen designs, etc.

     We are expert in designs such as followings: logos, road signs, billboards, flyers, menus, stickers, lightbox, brochures, and lots more.

     On top of being able to produce creative work, guru® may as well produce the work mentioned above. We are able to produce quality work upon your request. Moreover, our installation team are experienced with contructing structures for small to gigantic size billboards and LED screens (indoor or outdoor).


     We are serious in our work, "disappointment" won't be the result that you get from us. We have pride in our work and we will strive to be the top marketing firm in Asia.

*service country wide